One great aspect of digital media is the ability for your content to travel and to receive exposure from unanticipated sources.

With that as a backdrop, consider this case study that we’ve put together of a client of ours, Dr. Carlo Honrado – a double board certified facial plastic surgeon serving Beverly Hills and the surrounding communities.

Recently Dr. Carlo Honrado was interviewed on KABC (ABC Los Angeles). The news station found him as a result of seeing a video we had done which we posted on YouTube.

That’s right – a YouTube video promoting one aspect of his practice was the thread that led Dr. Honrado to being interviewed about his expertise on a major network in one of the biggest markets in America. Without YouTube this was an opportunity that would not have existed.

Dr. Honrado was kind enough to allow me to share some of the details here on my site and I hope you’ll enjoy this case study, and perhaps even consider utilizing some of the same concepts in your own business, or possibly even bringing Gadarian Digital on to help.

In order to provide the full context we should start from the beginning. When Dr. Honrado initially engaged Gadarian Digital our goal was to revise not only his website, but his entire approach to how he presents online.

Our first order of business was to survey both is existing efforts and also what his space was doing. From there we put together a strategy (a Digital Roadmap) which allowed us to move into the build phase with a very specific purpose.

With Dr. Honrado we recognized early on a few key areas of differentiation that we wanted to make sure were being adequately represented including the following:

  • Dr. Honrado is unique. He really is an expert in his field. He is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon.
  • Dr. Honrado is a specialist. Unlike other plastic surgeons, Dr. Honrado’s practice is solely devoted to the face and neck. No body work.
  • The marketplace where he operates is competitive and we needed to highlight areas where we could provide separation between his practice and others. Los Angeles is one of the most competitive markets in the world in terms of plastic surgery.
  • The LA marketplace is also very unique in that there are a number of very competent specialized medical providers. We wanted to make sure this was properly conveyed in his efforts and it was clear that his practice operates on this elevated level.
  • Dr. Honrado is very approachable, and very grounded. He really does value client’s physical and emotional well being.

In evaluating the above, as well as a number of other criteria that were specific to Dr. Honrado one of the area that we determined would add value would be by creating a series of videos. And again, much like with our initial research efforts, we conducted a fairly robust evaluation with regard to what videos in his space looked like. We made a number of determinations and we isolated a number of areas that we thought were perhaps under-represented within his space.

We also spent time evaluating camera angles, pacing, length, the number of cuts within each video and the overall tone. All of this was done in advance of any shooting. When it came time to shoot we got a little lucky in that I was able to do some arm twisting and call in a favor so we managed to get a fantastic director to shoot Dr. Honrado. And yes, even for web videos direction is incredibly important.

The result were that we created a number of videos focused on Dr. Honrado’s specific services that were also featured his approach to patient care while displaying his very calm and caring demeanor.

With his videos we also went a little deeper and this really is where the story gets interesting. By viewing all his videos as a collection it is undeniable that Dr. Honrado is an expert, but also by viewing each of his videos on an individual basis he was able to target each video to a very specific client need. In all these videos, again, we were also very keen to make sure we adhered to all of Dr. Honrado’s core beliefs in terms of patient care and patient needs and also to make sure that as a viewer you were getting a good piece of Dr. Honrado’s personality.

These videos are featured through Dr. Honrado’s website and we also created a dedicated area in YouTube which we customized to match his practice and his website.

Here is the video we shot for “Chins Surgery” (Mentoplasty) which we posted on YouTube:

In addition when posting the video we were focused on trying to make it as easy as possible for users to find so we made sure to include our key terms in the title, the description and we used those key terms in the tags as well. Again, the idea was to try to increase the likelihood that interested people would find Dr. Honrado. We were not looking to deceive people as that would have been a waste of their time and even bigger waste of our time.

If you click through to Dr. Honrado’s website you can also see that we tightly integrated this particular video with a corresponding page on his website. This was the same approach we used on all the other videos as well.

Chin Surgery / Mentoplasty by Dr. Carlo Honrado

Dr. Honrado Chin Surgery Page

Dr. Honrado's Chin Surgery Page

The copy on this page is very focused on not only Dr. Honrado’s expertise, but also on his general approach to client care. The copy is then reinforced by the video, or perhaps vice versa depending on how you enter this page. If you click on the video (top right) you’ll notice that we placed it inside a light box and increased the play size. We wanted to make sure that if a visitor were coming this deep into Dr. Honrado’s site, they would clearly recognize that in Dr. Honrado they’d be interacting with a very competent and caring physician.

And much like our process for engaging in video, with our site design and copy we engaged in a similar process where we planned way in advance of any words being written, or for that matter any site development, we were moving forward with a concrete plan (the Digital Roadmap) that was going to ensure that all the various elements (web design, copy, video, social media and newsletters) were all tightly aligned rather than being created with a “silo” mentality.  That said, just like with our video, it was critical that we engaged with top shelf talents that were able to deliver inside their own specialties while also recognizing the bigger picture goals that our firm had determined.  For web design we utilized the service of David Cosgrove and for our SEO copy writing we engaged Breakthrough Content. The results speak for themselves.

And fast forward a bit to a moment in time where we again see how powerful digital publishing can be. As a result of new tools and platforms, in this case YouTube, a producer at KABC was looking for an interview for an upcoming segment on chin surgery and they were able to find Dr. Honrado. After looking at his video, and likely visiting his website, that producer made a determination similar to the one we are always hoping website visitors make – they took the next step and in this case they contacted Dr. Honrado to learn a bit more.

The end result was Dr. Honrado was interviewed by KABC.

We couldn’t be happier for him and frankly we couldn’t imagine anyone more deserving. What a privilege to be afforded another great opportunity to display expertise to such a large audience. What is so great is that not only was he interviewed, but as a result of KABC selecting him to be interviewed they are to some extent further validating his expertise.

So I’ll close where I began. Digital media has this amazing capacity to travel. Sometimes that journey is self propelled (perhaps the owner of the media is the instigator) and other times the journey is enabled as a result of new tools (in this case YouTube’s search). The larger point is, if you elect not to put forth the effort with regard to your digital efforts then you already know the outcome will not change. Of course if you do put the time and effort in then there always is the possibility that some of your own digital media will find wings of its own.