A Results Focused Methodology

When we take you on as a client we will deliver a very customized approach that is focused on delivering actual value to your business and is intended to capitalize on the unique attributes that make your business everything that it is.


Discovery2When starting a new engagement we begin with a formal Discovery process.  In addition to helping to determine the overall scope of a proejct, the Discovery phase includes fact finding, competitive analysis and audience profiling.

When we first start a new project we learn as much as possible about your business. What you do. Who your customers are. What has worked in the past. What is not working. Sales. Conversions. Site traffic. Your goals. Your business needs. We might engage in a detailed back and forth dialogue. We might create a working document that both your company and our team can contribute to. We might even conduct customer interviews. Likely though we will start with a formal “kick off” call and in the course of that call we will hear directly from you as to what is best for your company both in terms of communication style as well as with regard to substance.

Typically the next step in our process is that we perform a deep research dive to provide our team (and yours) with an even deeper understanding of your space. We research your competition. We research your company. Usually the research is a hard deliverable in our engagement that provides our clients with a physical document for review. The research phase usually culminates with a formal call or in person meeting to review.

Digital Roadmap

Digital-Roadmap2The next step is to create a customized Digital Roadmap specifically for your business. The Digital Roadmap builds on the research, addresses your business needs and includes what we feel are the best practices most well suited for your business. Much like with your research delivery, the Digital Roadmap is usually a formal deliverable that we provide.

After the initial delivery of your Digital Roadmap we will again set up a call or meeting to review in detail. This meeting is a crucial moment in every engagement as it provides our clients with a wonderful opportunity to be reactive while also still enabling our clients with the power to continue to provide direct input and feedback to the entire process.

From a structural view, the Digital Roadmap is intended to provide a concrete set of business objectives that are directly tied to how we will construct your digital narrative.


Plan2As we enter the Planning phase we begin to focus on the technical requirements of an upcoming build and we also begin to formally map out resource allocations and assignments to ensure a smooth ascension into the formal build phase.  It is during this phase that we will also create a formal wireframe for the upcoming website build, and quite possibly we’ll also wireframe any additional build assets.

If we are working with third parties we will also formally map out the various responsibilities and communications requirements to provide for a very efficient workflow.

Further, within the Planning state we will communicate expectations, deliverable requirements and best practices with our clients, allowing everyone visibility into the entire process.


Design2Before moving towards the build phase, we engage in a formal design process to further define and inform all future outputs. The design phase is not limited to simply the web build.  We will also likely create and utilize either an informal, or in some case an exactingly formal style guide, allowing all new assets a semblance of continuity.

The Design phase will also formally scope out how we intend to build out the new digital assets including web properties, social profiles and newsletters.  If there is an online advertising component we will also begin to design these assets at this time, well in front of a formal launch.

The Design phase is heavily dependent on the wireframe.  That said, at each phase the client will have opportunities for input.


Build2We then move into the build phase and start to attack all the pieces of the puzzle in a very structured manner. Typically our firm will own this portion of the project, allowing our clients to sit back and react rather than having to play an active role in what is typically a process they are completely unfamiliar with.

Should copywriting services be required, it is also during this phase that they will rendered.


Launch2When we are ready to launch, Gadarian Digital will oversee the entire process. Should any third party vendors be involved, these vendors will filter through our team ensuring that your launch will be smooth. We will be your advocate and Gadarian Digital will continually advance the agenda of your business, helping to launch on time and on budget.

Launch is always a very intense period for any business.  Typically there is a great deal of “new” happening, and with the launch both the client as well as the general public are now well aware of your efforts. This heightened visibility is a great opportunity, but given the tight timeline the formal launch should be orchestrated in such a way as to maximize opportunities while still providing ample room to maneuver.  With Gadarian Digital as your partner, we are well aware of the complexities, and further we are constantly planning and pushing to ensure that our clients are aligned, attuned and fully available to benefit from and to have their launches be positive experiences.


Perform2As we move into performance, roles evolve and we begin to deliver on the core elements outlined in the Digital Roadmap.  In some instances our clients step forward and assume a primary role, whereas in other engagements, our firm continues to serve as the primary conduit for the creation and management of digital activities on behalf of our clients.  No matter what the final nature of the relationship is, we are well aware of the need to communicate efficiently and at regularly scheduled increments.  We are also well aware of the competing needs that every business faces in terms of resource allocation, and we will continue to be your digital advocates, ensuring that both you and we continue to adhere to whatever goals, practices and efforts we initially mapped out while crafting your Digital Roadmap.


Measure2We introduce a formal process of measurement in every engagement to ensure growth based on real results.  Without a proper approach to measurement we are really doing nothing more than guessing, and beyond that we are not in a position to say one way or another if we are even guessing correctly!

The primary driver behind our approach to measurement if focused on the primary goals and business objectives of our clients.  By introducing a measurement focused environment we are able to hold ourselves accountable, we are able to optimize for business success and ultimately we are much better positioned to continually improve.

And with formal calendar events focused on measurement we can than continually review our efforts in order to do more of what is bringing strong returns while minimizing our exposure to less successful activities.  Ultimately through an iterative process we can continually achieve stronger results, and by introducing and embracing an iterative culture our clients are able to much more aggressively leverage a wider variety of digital opportunities as they begin to present themselves.