No matter what the scale of your upcoming project, digital planning is critical. At Gadarian Digital we place great care and thought into how we plan and implement your project. Not only are we considering the final product, but during the entire process we are also factoring in how the build out will impact both your current and future operations. Our ability to provide effective digital planning on behalf of our clients is a big point of separation between our firm in others and at a fundamental level this really speaks to our approach, as well as to the type of clients that are typically attracted to our firm.

Details matter.  So does planning. Our approach to digital planning encompasses a wide body of knowledge, all concisely crafted and customized to meet the specifics of each project.

Our Digital Planning Process

Digital planning typically starts with a dialogue with the client where we will begin to determine the goals. And yes, for some clients even the digital goals are not clear – and that is okay. That is what we are here for.

From there typically Gadarian Digital will conduct research not only regarding a client’s existing practices, but we will also focus on your competitors and even look outside of your direct space to gain additional insights.

Based in part on the findings from our research, we will then create a Digital Roadmap and then start to build out a wire-frame for your site. At this stage depending on the scope of your project we will then determine how best to build your site, likely utilizing the services of a third party developer. Typically during this stage Gadarian Digital will assume a role of a project manager.

Also often times during the build stage we also develop a comprehensive social media plan we can also begin to construct social media profiles (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even LinkedIn) on behalf of the client.  If a project requires copywriting services we typically “own” that process as well on behalf of our clients.

What You Can Expect

Throughout each step in the process we will remain in contact with the client, adjusting various elements as needed.

With some forethought placed at the top, and based in large part on our own experience, we are often times in the great position of not only advancing our clients digital efforts, but also of enabling our clients to learn and to and act on new insights about their businesses and their customers.