I are very proud to share with you that Gadarian Digital has recently been added to the MailChimp Experts Directory in the area of “consultation.”

I’d love to go on about how professionally this changes everything with regard to our email newsletter services (and perhaps it might) but really it doesn’t change anything in terms of how we do our business and how we work with our clients. We have always utilized MailChimp as our preferred vendor for email newsletters, way before we were included in their experts directory, and frankly we are going to be utilizing their services for a long time to come! MailChimp is an amazing company and I’ve always felt great about having my clients utilize their service.

Freddie, The MailChimp Mascot

Believe me when I say, I could go on and on about MailChimp – they really are a wonderful company but I do want to share a little bit about at least my rationale for using them.

My first exposure to their services actually started at the very beginning when I first opened the doors to Gadarian Digital. At the time one of our early clients was looking for an email newsletter solution and I didn’t have an answer. So I did what I always do. I researched. And there were a variety of reasons that we elected to utilize MailChimp (the free thing not being a real consideration for this client).  One piece that really stood out and separated MailChimp from others was the manner in which they communicated with their audience.

To this day, despite their tremendous growth MailChimp still does an amazing job with their blog, and even more so with their customer responsiveness. They care and it shows. They are quick to get back to you with support issues. They are also very quick to roll out new iterations of their service and continue to really push the limits of what they offer in terms of solutions. In fact, based on how well they communicated and then observing over the years how well they maintained their product I continue to use communication as a critical factor when I evaluate SAAS (software as a service) companies both for my needs and also on behalf of all my clients.

That said, it is very nice to be included in their experts directory, so thank you MailChimp – we are thrilled!