While there is so much noise (most of it really good!) around “social media marketing” email marketing is still recognized as an extremely effective method for connecting with your audience. Not only is it effective, but generally speaking you “own” your list whereas you don’t actually “own” your social media profiles.

With email marketing being a completely opt-in experience it is of critical importance that your email campaigns are not only being delivered but also that your customers are taking clearly defined actions as a result of your efforts.

Of course setting up a newsletter campaign can be a challenge, especially when approached in concert with a number of other web activities. At Gadarian Digital we are continually investing our time and resources in order to ensure that your newsletter marketing campaigns are delivering for your business. Let us do the legwork for you by helping with the following:

  • Email Marketing Newsletter setup
  • Customized Newsletter Templates
  • Subscribe Forms On Your Website and in Social Media
  • Newsletter Writing and Ongoing Services

We view newsletter marketing to be one of many potential areas that a business consider when creating a digital marketing presence and we are big believers in introducing measurement as a core component of newsletter marketing.

Freddie, The MailChimp Mascot

Here at Gadarian Digital our preferred Newsletter Provider is Mail Chimp (affiliate link) although if a client already has an newsletter provider in place we can happily work in that direction as well.

We are also very proud and honored to say that our company has recently been included by MailChimp into their expert directory. We’ve viewed MailChimp as a true standard barer on a number of level for quite some time and we look forward to utilizing their amazing technology to help deliver value to our clients for years to come.