YouTube Trends LogoOne effective strategy when putting together your blog posts is to incorporate what is “hot right now” on the internet and while YouTube had a way to sort views by “Most Viewed/Comment/Shared” it appears that the second largest search engine (that’s right – YouTube is #2 right behind Google) has also started to roll out a few updates on how to find content that is popular right now.

A few good places on YouTube to start with are:

YouTube Charts: I really like this one as it offers up a number of ways to sort what is happening on YouTube both by activity (views, comments, liked, subscribed…) as well as by time frame (today, this week, this month and all time).
YouTube Trends: I’m not sure if this is now, or has recently come back, but I like how YouTube has approached this as idea as it is very focused on the viral nature of the web. In the Trends Dashboard they provide a variety of sorting mechanisms focused on demographics (age and location). YouTube also has Trends Blog which is their curated version of trends.

A few strong reasons to focus on this strategy (among many others) are:

  • Videos really look great – hard to argue with that
  • Embedding relevant videos on your blog make your own blog feel relevant
  • Focusing on very current what is “hot” makes your blog feel timely
  • There are potential search engine benefits as well
  • You are providing your audience with something extra that perhaps left to your own budget and internal resources you might not be able to produce

An example of this strategy relevant to my own space might be to focus on this post from the YouTube Trends Blog focused on memorable ads. Were I to write a full blown blog post for my Digital Identity Management Business based on this trend I might talk about how some of these campaigns went even further and invoked a heavy social media component, or perhaps I might talk about how to capture the essence of some of these campaigns (which are trends) in a most SMB cost effective manner.

In addition, while not explicit to my own space, I have elected to embed this video because I thought it was interesting and I think you will like it too. Notice how nice it looks on my site! I discovered it on the Trend Page:

There are a few other sites that cater to this idea of real time trending that you will also want to explore – they are not exclusive to video but they too can be great resources to mine from if you are going to start to develop a real time blogging component including services like Digg, Reddit and Popurls.