Exit Planning Exchange


The Exit Planning Exchange, XPX, is the premier organization for wealth planners.  It is truly a unique organization consisting of a number of regional chapters in addition to a parent organization.  XPX is focused on providing its members, many of whom are at the very top of their field, with a wonderful venue to share ideas and to develop relationships.


The XPX approached Gadarian Digital with a unique challenge.  For their 2013 Annual Summit they wanted to create an online environment to better showcase their list of amazing speakers – many of whom are true luminaries in their respective spaces.


  • In order to deliver on this objective we worked with the XPX Summit Advisory Committee to develop a comprehensive online marketing and communications program.
  • We started by first scoping out specifications for the upcoming 2013 Summit and from there we executed on the shared vision.  The vision included a very detailed map of how we were going to utilize the XPX site as well as a number of social media outlets to better showcase the amazing speaker lineup while also providing a very high visibility footprint for XPX.
  • We developed a guest blogging program that afforded each of the speakers with a tremendous opportunity to promote both their talks as well as their own unique qualifications.  These blog posts were featured on the very prestigious XPX main website.
  • In addition we delivered a series of on-boarding calls that we focused on providing the speakers with a very detailed sense of what was required of them, and also a great opportunity to provide input of their own.
  • We also created a very detailed set of video tutorials showing the speakers exactly how to utilize the tools at their disposal.  These videos included a number of “how to videos” focused on the mechanics of how to blog, how to use the XPX platform as well as videos focused specifically on social media practices that we wanted to the speakers to utilize.
  • We also worked with the XPX team in a pure consulting capacity where we delivered concise recommendations regarding their newsletter strategy, specifically with regard to how best to promote the speaker guest posts.
  • David Gadarian also attended a speakers only pre-meeting in order to help provide continuity and assurance for the entire program.

Technical Details

The XPX utilizes Ning as its CMS, so we created a number of videos detailing how to utilize this platform.

We also provided technical and strategic consulting that resulted in the creation of a variety of online badges that were utilized on the XPX site and beyond in order to help promote the event.