I have to say that Google has been on quite a roll of late. A ton of great products rolling out from the folks at Mountain View, but recently the heat has really been turned up.

The summer started out with a curious addition to my Google home page – a very sticky black bar across the top. Little did we know… Up next was the launch of Google +1, which I thought was pretty big, but that was quickly eclipsed by the release of the Google’s latest answer to social – Google + which is gaining a ton of heat. Awesome stuff.

What do you love? from Google

Hidden among all those great nuggets from the “summer of Google” has been this new service that I found called “What do you love?” which I guess can best be desribed as a search engine mahsup. It really is one of those things that you have to see to understand but this is a highly visual approach to search.

This is pretty interesting and certainly worth spending a few minutes trying out a number of different search terms just to get a sense of what Google is trying to do with this. All things considered, this is still early days but it is nice to get a look inside of what the search giant is playing around with. Another nice bonus is that by testing out this service you will also get exposed to a few other things that Google has cooked for your viewing pleasure.

They have a nice scrolling interface included (on the left) which was pretty sleek, and if you take the time to scroll all the way down you will notice a “more coming soon” button. Once you have the ability to personalize WDYL pages, do a little mix and matching for various search results and also the ability to share pages there will be some nice potential for this service. Social sharing in particular seems like a big winner – as again these pages already look nice, and I’m sure down the road they will look even better as Google has seemingly begun to place a bigger emphasis on visual aesthetics.

In any event, for now, go ahead and take a visit and have some fun playing around with it. Again, here is the link for WDLY.com.