We all use Google, but how many of you are using search commands to get the most from our searches? The Google search commands of a huge plus if you’re looking for a little extra. In my space whenever I’m researching a project for myself or a client these commands have proven to be invaluable. I suspect you too can benefit greatly by familiarizing yourself with these commands so I’m going to strongly encourage you to take the time to click through some of the below links – given how much time you already spend on Google, not doing learning how to effectively utilize these commands puts you at a big disadvantage.

Let me also say that on a personal note, I suspect that the main reason so many people are not familiar with these search commands is because it sounds so intimidating – the notion that you can command a company as impressive as Google I think automatically intimidates too many people. If it helps, instead of search commands think of them as search helpers!

Google has become so much a part of our everyday lives that we no longer search for things on web, we Google them. And as we all know by now, search is a huge component of the web. When we surf the web we either know exactly where we want to go (direct), we follow recommendations (links on sites we are currently visiting, and social media) or we search utilizing services like Google. Of course when we make a search and we look up and see that there are over 5,000,000 possible results, you can’t help but wonder if perhaps somewhere along the way maybe you are not getting exactly the best results for what it is you are looking for? Google search commands will allow you to create considerably more relevant searches – a huge plus for anyone.

Here are a couple of links that will give you the down low on what the various Google search commands are, and what they do. I suggest of these lists you print at least one, or better yet, you create your own document that breaks out the commands you think you will need along with a brief description of what each command is. As you’ll see with just a little experimentation, these commands are very easy to use and they’ll give you so much more control over how Google delivers results to you.

Google’s Own List. Considering how much time you already spend on Google, if you have a few minutes I’d suggest jumping around a bit while you are here and you can learn even more about search.
Google Guide (really good one) or if you are really ambitious Google Guide has put together a free online comprehensive training package on how to use Google.
Another great list is the Ultimate Google Search Tips Guide found here.
Search Commands is another one you might like.

While Google is the biggest player in search, perhaps Bing is your thing? Here is a list of Bing search commands (not sure why this is not just one big list, but here the other part of the list. As you might notice the terms are pretty similar to what Google uses.

Now here is a really great resource from Google if you want to use Google to get your local weather, to get a stock quote or even to convert your recipe from grams to ounces or for a ton of other every day activities.
If you want an official looking sheet to tack up on your walls, here it is, courtesy of Google of course. Personally I’d say there are some better lists to print than this one, but as its from Google…

And lastly, let me say that maybe none of the lists are what you are looking for? Of course now that you are an expert you can head over to Google and begin to use some of those very same search commands to find exactly what you want. Probably though a better place to start experimenting with these commands is with something you are very familiar with like yourself or your business.

A few basic commands that I find particularly helpful, which I use all the time, are Related, the using of quotes to make an exact phrase and the pipe “|” function (just above enter on your keyboard) to signify “or”.

Have fun. Spend some time now and you’ll get a lifetime of benefit by getting up to speed on these commands.