From a marketing perspective, the opportunities provided by the internet have redefined many of the “rules” of marketing. Today small businesses have access to global marketing opportunities allowing people to become “multi-national’ from the comfort of their own homes.

This level of access to a full range of markets and customers across such a wide geographic and socio-economic swath up until a few years ago was exclusively the domain of Fortune 500 companies, and with theses shifting sands many business are also saddled with an increasing pressure brought about by the introduction of so much technology, much of which has become so crucial to your businesses success. While you are out there trying to run your buisness, the pace of business has never been faster. As you are reading this you are likely also well aware that your online efforts could use a severe re-tooling, and for those of you not at all participating in the digital conversation you are at this point wondering if it’s too late to get started.

Regardless of where your business lives in a digital sense, I can assure you of a few things, the first being that yes, while there is potential for information overload (Twitter, Facebook, email marketing, SEO, SEM, press releases, YouTube, Google, the next biggest best new thing that you know nothing about!!!), there will always be too much information out there to digest, and while that it true, let me say to you now, the fact that there is too much information out there is not a good excuse for you to not get moving – don’t allow your business to be left behind.

I can also assure you of something else – it’s not too late to get started – in fact I suspect that if you dedicate the time and energy into a developing and executing a strong digital marketing campaign along with the deployment of the proper amount of capital (both mental and physical), with diligence and dedication a year from now you will be asking yourself one simple question – why did I wait so long to do this?

Lastly, I will let you in on a little secret, and this should really get you going – the first step is the hardest.

With all this in mind my suggestion is you sit down with a pad of paper and start jotting down some of your upcoming marketing goals along with some of your plans to achieve those goals. Next, open up your computer, go to Google and type in “Online Marketing” and well, the rest really is up to you. You either do, or you do not. I strongly encourage you to do.

This article was also published in my LA Online Marketing Examiner Column.