I recently tweeted out an article from the New York Times and I was pretty impressed by their Twitter integration:

Chase Is Plagued by Computer Problems for a 2nd Day – http://nyti.ms/aMcWMIless than a minute ago via TimesPeople

Upon hitting their Twitter share button, rather than getting a straight ahead Twitter integration, the Times instead built and app which very smoothly integrated, and also had an ad in it – the ad is not tweeted but the idea that because I’m tweeting a particular story, I might have a specific interest could certainly be of value to the New York Times.

While it seems that Facebook integrations of all kinds seem to curry the most heat in the press, this integration in particular really “jumped” out in part because it was very unobtrusive allowing me to continue with my reading experience, while at the same time it felt very functional.

By the way, in case you were wondering, I’ve embedded my original tweet into this article using Blackbird Pie, which is a service that Twitter offers.