Well it had to happen at some point – Gadarian Digital goes global!

I am very pleased to announce a new client site we just put up last week for Sue Webster – an Australian Career Coach.

The site we launched was focused on a very streamlined clean feel that will ultimately tilt in the direction of Sue’s great capacity to communicate – which she will do through her blog. Sue is one of those rare people that has the ability to convey extremely complicated ideas in very efficient and well realized ways and her new site is in large part reflective of this. And as Sue’s Career Coaching evolves we have plenty of flexibility to have her site continue to mirror those developments.

In addition an interesting development from within this site is that Sue and I needed a good way to talk. We tried a few things but ultimately I landed on a pretty amazing solution (at least I thought so) which was to use Skype BUT to get a number based out of Sydney, Australia. So, for all you Auzzie’s out there – Gadarian Digital is officially global – the Australia number is 612 8005 6366 – of course if you are in Australia no need to use the 011! Pretty amazing stuff.

In any event, if you are curious here is a link to Sue Webster’s new Career Coaching site!