There really is something magical about new shoes. When you put them on you somehow feel like you really get this “walking” think much better. New clothes have a similar effect for me, although admittedly it is not as strong.

I know it’s crazy, but somehow new shoes just make my entire walking experience feel a little more special, a little more meaningful. You are beginning to think you have better things to do with your time – this is after all supposed to be a site about digital this and online that! Bare with me on this one…

So the thing about new shoes is they don’t really change much in the way of the walking experience. I’ve been wearing shoes most of my life so it’s not like I went from no shoes to shoes in the course of a day. I’ve also had enough opportunity to wear new shoes in the past so at this point in my life recognize that new shoes are not really going to change my life in a material way. In fact the truth is while I need my shoes and I’m on my feet for a good portion of the day (I’m one of those nuts with a standing desk that you are starting to read about all over the place) most shoes will do just fine for me as I’m not in a high performance environment that relies on having great shoes such as would be the case if I were a professional athlete.

So what is it about new shoes, and yes, I know… why am I still talking about new shoes?

The truth is I think shoes are one of those items that we take for granted in large part because they are just an assumed part the deal for so many of us. We wake up. We shower. At some point the shoes go on the feet.

And here comes the marketing part…. For so many of us we approach our marketing with the same attitude. We get a new website and it’s amazing. A new Facebook Page and we are dreaming about the amazing fans we are about to have. Develop a new digital skill and we can’t stop talking about it.

With the world of online everything the newness factor is actually huge. Apple rolls out new products every quarter and Apple fan boys need to buy them ALL. With communication technology including social media and taking control of your own efforts to communicate there seems to be a new favorite every few months. Online marketing tactics are no different. Microsoft is up to Windows 8 right now – it’s supposed to be the best one yet as if they got it wrong all those other times – hardly – I use an old version of Windows and I’m happy. If cameras are your thing you are in for a treat – the camera wars both for still and video have been amazing. The new shoe moments in digital are relentless, limitless and the frequency of must have new shoe moments seems to be increasing.

And then the newness wears off. Suddenly walking is just walking again. No new shoes and we completely forget the magic that shoes can deliver on – they literally help us get from place to place. Think about it.

The same with digital, and in particular in my space with marketing – I see this all the time. And not to only point fingers out, but I suffer from this as well. We spend so much time focused on the making of something that we completely neglect to use it the way it was meant to be used.

So…. if you just put up a new site, or you just purchased a new piece of technology or hardware – please make sure to remember that the if you are looking to place value on things such as shoes… with “new shoes” the much bigger lifetime value is coming from “shoes” versus the value of “new.”

And yes, I know there are instances where “new” provides an inordinate advantage but I suspect for most of us the real value comes from the utility. I’ve actually found that new shoes definitely offer some spring, but they also take a little time to get worn in and to actually be comfortable on my feet – and that is when I can get in the serious walking and really start to go to some interesting places. Suddenly it is no longer about the shoes and it is entirely about the journey.

Digital marketing or just life? I’m still not sure and I’ve made it to the end of this post.