MWM-Logo-300We are very happy to share that the next MetroWest Marketing Group MeetUp will feature a presentation on Local SEO given by one of our members. In addition the event managed to secure a little local press – so thanks to the folks at MetroWest Daily News for including our MeetUp in their business digest.

Location: We are very happy that the new Microsoft Store in the Natick Mall has once again offered to host our upcoming MeetUp.

Date and Time: January 28, 2014. We’ll get started with a Meet and Greet at 6:30, and then we’ll start the presentation around 7:00.

Meet Our Speaker: Raymi Rodriguez is the owner of RR Marketing Services, where in addition to delivering web development services, Raymi regularly works with and advises his clients on matters directly related to Local SEO.

Talk Details: Raymi will be sharing a variety of best practices specific to Local SEO and his talk will also walk our members through many of the physical mechanics involved in setting up a great Local SEO presence. This talk will be a mix of introductory tactics as well as some advanced strategic thinking geared towards those with a solid understanding and appreciation of SEO.

With over 10 years of experience Raymi posses a deep understanding of the Local SEO space and has been able to consistently adjust his services to accommodate a wide variety of algorithm changes, evolving best practices and most importantly an ever changing set of customer criteria based on an increasingly competitive space. If you are working with local clients this is a presentation you will not want to miss!

At the conclusion of Raymi’s presentation we then move into either a “Q & A” or an open discussion around the topic.

Extras: And finally, the folks at Microsoft have provided a pretty wonderful door prize that we’ll be giving to one attendee (you have to be a member of this MeetUp in order to be eligible for the prize.)