LinkedIn has crossed a huge milestone in their growth – they just announced they currently have over 100 Million Users. Wow!

It’s been very interesting to watch how LinkedIn has grown. Innovation has always been a core of their offering but recently those efforts seem to have been dramatically increased as a result of their recently announced IPO. I for one have been very pleased with how they have been developing their offering, and with the functionality they have been rolling out. There seem to be a number of great reasons to engage on LinkedIn, but at 100 Million users I’d be hard pressed to imagine any business that could not in some way benefit from engaging on the business network.

This is a huge milestone for the company, and if you weren’t convinced before perhaps now you might be changing your tune. LinkedIn in particular has proven to be a very captive market for business users to connect with other business users. In contrast, Facebook has become something of a catchall, all things for all people. At times Facebook is clearly the leader, but for specific activities LinkedIn has proven to be a great asset in your social media mix. In particular with the business user base that LinkedIn is developed, for some businesses LinkedIn is a must. Also, depending on the nature of your business, you might want to devote an even greater amount of your resources here versus other social platforms but for B2B in particular LinkedIn has become a must.

I also suggest you go check out the post LinkedIn put together to make this announcement. They’ve developed a very cool info graphic portion of which I’ve excerpted here but to view the whole thing he should go ahead and click through.
Linked In Reaches 100 Million Users