Google has been on a bit of a roll with their home page of late including my favorite all time Google Doodle, but today I noticed a really big one!

It appears that Google has rolled out a new search by voice feature on their main search. Take a look at the attached screengrab from earlier today. While the summer Doodge was fun, almost lost in all the color was the headline – that little tiny microphone icon laid into the search bar.

How cool is that? I did a test run and yes, it works – go ahead and head over to Google’s home page and hopefully you can try it for yourself, although I do have to say I am not sure if this product is available to everyone yet or if this is something that Google is rolling out on a limited basis.

If you are able to get up and use the service, you’ll see it’s pretty cool, although I think they still have a ways to go regarding speech recognition. David Gadarian kept coming up as David Canary In

In any event I am very confident that the speech recognition will come way up quickly and I personally believe this is a very nice addition to what Google offers with their native search function. It will be very neat to see how this function evolves over time, especially when you start to factor in some of the advanced search operators that are currently available.

As it stand now, it appears I am developing a little bit of a fan boy crush on Google, in particular as they continue to roll out these very nice and functional innovations.