In August I ran a Facebook sweepstakes featuring the amazing book “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krugg.

The contest was very fun to put together and I learned a great deal from running it.

In any event, I am very happy to report that while we are in October already… I did select a winner (at random) and that winner is Deb Peruggi of Perugi Design.

OK… so the real reason I ran this particular contest was because I really do love this particular prize – Deb has already received the book and last I heard from Deb she was already on the verge of finishing it and said in part “its great…”.

So maybe you didn’t win, or maybe you didn’t even enter – I forgive you. That said this really is one of those books that will have an out-sized impact on your digital efforts and I can’t recommend it enough. Click on the big cover page below and it will take you over to Amazon and you can read all the review there for yourself.

Also – if you want to check out the Facebook contest, the subscribe elements are no longer appear (the contest is over after all…) If you need help putting together a Facebook contest or sweepstakes of your own I’d be happy to talk with you about it.