Not sure how many of you use Google Chrome as your browser of choice (coincidentally we featured Google Chrome on our Twitter One A Day List yesterday) but tonight when I opened up a new tab instead of the usual “most popular pages” being there I was met with an ad of sorts for Google. Specifically for Google Apps on the new Google Chrome App Store.

Say what you want about Apps, but they are big news and I suspect we’ll see more of this from Bing, Safari, and yes possibly even Firefox. In case you were wondering what the Web App Store was, instead of explaining it, let me just let Google tell you about it, in their own words.

So what does this mean for you? Truthfully I’m not entirely sure other than this means your web browsing experience has all kinds of interesting new potential. I’m sure there will be privacy concerns, and I’m sure there will be some really big winners in this new ecosystem, much like we’ve already seen with the iStore and now the Droid Store.

I also think that overall the everyday business person is now becoming aware of Apps, whereas I think Apps used to be more in the domain of people with a technological bent, and the masses are starting to consider developing them. The costs have come down as many of the tools have become “commodities”, and as people are more comfortable and familiar with this style of communication we’ll continue to see some really interesting developments. The early winners will probably be gaming and news but entertainment could easily climb in their too. We’ll see. My suggestion is that if you’re seriously considering this space get in there early before the market starts to mature. Who knows, your App might be the next big thing!

Meanwhile, in case you want to poke around, here is a link to the Chrome Webstore.