I am extremely happy to announce that my friend and colleague Tom Hoarty and myself will be co-hosting an upcoming speaking engagement titled “Business Blogging and Profits.” This FREE to attend double seminar will consist of two unique one hour session, with one hour presented by Tom and the second hour presented by myself.

Event Time and Location:

Tuesday May 21st, 2013, from 9:00am – 11:00am
44 Mall Road, Suite G01
Burlington, MA 01803


Free to attend!  Due to limited seating registration for this event is required.

How To Register:

Here is a link to our Eventbrite Business Blogging and Profits Event

Session A – Increasing Profits in Your Business

Tom Hoarty

Tom Hoarty

Tom’s session focused on ways you can increase your Cash, Cashflow and Profits in YOUR Business and is designed for BUSINESS OWNERS and MANAGERS who are open to learning simple, new, ways to run their business and are serious about improving their business.

Come learn what 10,000s of business owners around the world are doing to make their online marketing and communications efforts and profits grow!

About Tom Hoarty

Tom Hoarty is a top New England business coach. Through his work with ActionCoach Tom has a proven facility of delivering positive results for his clients.

Session B – Blogging for Business

David Gadarian

David Gadarian

With the business world quickly waking up to the value of a blog it now falls on us all to do more. We are expected to be better bloggers and ultimately to define conversations and even entire spaces through our blogs. Our audience has come to expect nothing less.

  • Part 1: Blogging Theory – Why in the world does anyone even need to blog to begin with? We’ll begin to explore the “how it all works” questions.
  • Part 2: Strategy – In this section we utilize worksheets to begin to define our own distinct strengths and how these areas can advance our blogging efforts.
  • Part 3: Blogging Best Practices – A review of the mechanics of how a blog works, as well as some basic best practices revolving around how to format a blog. We will also cover some best practices for individual blog post.

And then time permitting, we can have a Q & A. If you have specific questions about an existing blog, we can even put it up on the big board and use your sites to help educate the entire group!

About David Gadarian

Through his company Gadarian Digital, David Gadarian works with businesses to help them realize more value from their online marketing and communications effort with a results driven approach motivated by your bottom line. David’s work has provided him the opportunity to interact with a wide array of businesses across many different practice areas. Prior to his “2.0” digital incarnation David spent 15 years in Los Angeles working in the television industry. Story continues to play a major role in his life and also to inform much of his approach to the world of online.

David’s just released first book Better Business Blogging empowers businesses to produce a customized business blogging framework focused on a mix of best practices while also incorporating the uniqueness of each business.

We hope to see you there. It promised to be a power packed morning filled with a ton of great information.

Here is the registration link again – Eventbrite Business Blogging and Profits Event