A common question that I often address with my clients, and in general is “What Should I Blog About?”

In this post I want to address a very specific concept that is a great answer to this question – and that is Blue Sky Blogging.

What Is Blue Sky Blogging?

Before we dive in to the merits of this particular approach it might be helpful to explain what exactly Blue Sky Blogging is. The idea is that you should be blogging about things that are very easy for your readers to enjoy. Things that project a “Blue Sky” sentiment on your behalf.

And before anyone starts in with the negativity, this is not the only strategy to employ, but a certain number of your blog posts can fall into this category – as with most things finding the right balance is key. Essentially you are projecting positivity with these posts, but beyond that you are also providing a certain element of timelessness to them.

These posts will work for your readers during any season, at any time in their buying cycle and will ultimately do a great job to provide you, and whatever you represent with a general air of being decent and worthy of interaction (feel free to replace interaction with alternate words such as sales, subscribes, comments etc – whatever your key metric might be.)

And with every site, what is Blue Sky will be different, but just to get your juices flowing… a few potential spaces to pursue:

  • You just saw something that made you happy (could be a team member doing a great job, could be something in the news that is relevant to your space)
  • Good news regarding one of your team members
  • A milestone
  • Great news about a player in your space (not someone on your team)
  • A great piece of customer news – this is really powerful stuff particularly for hyper local businesses!
  • General optimism about a new line, a new role, a new location

Why You Should Engage In Blue Sky Blogging?

In part these pieces are really strong as they provide you with a license to display more personality than perhaps you might showcase in other posts. They also do so while allowing you to stay positive. A potential reader arrives on the scene, and generally they think you are positive which bodes well for you as generally people like positive people. This is a great way to gain an edge online – most sites don’t do this!

Of course being upbeat is great, but being upbeat for long tail search terms, or even hyper local search terms is a clear area that most every site can see a benefit from. Think about it… of all the players competing for a specific long tail search term, by doubling down and not only focusing on that search term, but also by doing so with a Blue Sky Blogging approach, you are clearly positioning your search result experience in a very specific way.

One additional reason to on occasion focus on a Blue Sky Blogging effort is that it feels good to do so. Too often we all get bogged down on the sheer “bigness” of it all – so much to do… the pressure and the need to make numbers. The math we all live by. Once in a while it is great to take that step back and go Blue Sky if only because it can serve as a wonderful reminder and a true motivator that on occasion it is okay to veer in a different direction and to step away from the tedium and simply to stay positive.

Tell Me More… What Else Do I Should I Do?

Well, because you are asking, I will say that Blue Sky Blogging should be one arrow in your quiver, but there are other tactics and blogging strategies that you’ll also want to utilize to round out your overall approach.  I’ve covered a ton of them in the blog, but if you are looking for a solid reference I’m going to humbly suggest you take a look at my book “Better Business Blogging.”

Now Your Turn

If you have any Blue Sky Blogging stories or techniques you’d like to share, or even some specific questions please feel free to share a comment.