If you’ve been reading my blog, then you are aware that I am big fan of what are called “Infographics”. I like them because visually they are very fun, and from an information standpoint they offer a nice way to convey sentiment both based on the actual thoughts but also through added emphasis by design. Also, when done right, they look great on your site, and they are a great way to generate in bound links (example: the below graphic links over to SEOMoz.)

So without further ado… the folks over at the SEO powerhouse company SEOMoz.com put together this nice inforgraphic titled “Blog Design for Killer SEO”. Very well done. I’d say my only quick comment in addition to everything the have mentioned is that I would include social profiles up near the top along with RSS – RSS is great for insiders, but for people who don’t make their living on the web other platforms, most notably Facebook seem to be considerably more relevant. In any event, this is a really good one with some great advice.

Blog Design for Killer SEO Infographic
Created by Dawn Shepard for SEOmoz

I’d also like to throw at a Hat Tip to Doug Karr for first making me aware of this graphic via Google+