article writingA person who chooses to become a freelance writer has a rewarding future in store. Writing articles for profit can be a wonderful way to tap into creative thinking, to educate oneself on a variety of topics, and can provide a steady income. However, there are challenges to freelance writing. Sometimes clients need articles regarding topics that the writer may not know well, requiring more research than average, but a talented writer can cover topics from an LED TV to the Tower of London. There are five basic items that should be considered before a freelance writer begins to write any article.

1. Style and Tone

Most freelance writers work with a number of clients, all desiring a specific style of writing. Some clients prefer a casual voice while others seek highly professional articles. If possible, ask the client for samples of the writing style they prefer.

2. Time

When creating an article, the time constraints of both the client and the writer should be taken into consideration. Some clients have an open window regarding the time frame for articles. Most clients, however, expect a speedy turnaround. Some will give writers only a few hours, though most will be satisfied with a one to two day deadline. Writers should make sure they can devote their time to the project at hand.

3. Subject Matter

The fact is, though many freelance writers are able to cover a wide spectrum of topics, most specialize in particular areas. As a writer, it can be more satisfying to pen pieces that fall within a subject of expertise. In some types of writing, like legal or medical documents, it may even be necessary for the writer to have extensive experience. Writers that accept projects they are incapable of writing well risk tarnishing their reputation.

4. Research

How much research is involved for a particular article often determines the amount of time the piece takes to write. Prior to writing an article, assess how much research is needed and what sources should be used. Also, if possible, contact the client to find what type of citations are required.

5. Audience

The audience for the article is a key factor in deciding how to write a piece. For example, if a client asks for an article regarding a topic like distance running, it is important for the writer to know if the article is intended for a novice runner or a seasoned athlete, as this affects not just the tone of the piece but also the content and the amount and type of research.

Being a freelance writer can be both exciting and fulfilling. Anyone that is skilled at writing and able to commit themselves to a job well done can have a great future as a freelance writer. All that is needed is a desire to succeed and the time and effort to put forth an excellent product.

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