Cardone the Magician
In 1.0 in order to win another party had to lose. Something to do with finite resources, rules of the game, Ronald Reagan and relative positioning.

Information and the New Art of Winning

When information scarcity was in place, the number of winners was finite.

Today, in our information driven economy, as a direct result of our infinite web filled with what feels like an unlimited amount of knowledge resources, the “rules” around winning have evolved. Information is no longer “consumed” and “perishable.”

Readers, Winning and Information

You can “win” readers by being trustworthy and amazing. In our connected web this is powerful.

You can “win” readers by being willing to let them “win.” In our connected web this is even more powerful.

In this information driven economy you can also be generous and allow third parties to “win” simply by sharing, and in doing so you can realize new value and also deliver yet another “win” for your readers.

Many winners, but not necessarily any losers.

Readers and Web Influence

As a direct result of continually “winning” your readers, you are continually inside of the conversation, a conversation that is fluid, dynamic and at times viral. The result is that you become a bona fide web influencer for your community!

And with this new found influence you are in a much great position to distribute even more “wins”, to contribute to more conversations and to share more of your own thinking for further influence throughout your community.

Image Credit: Michael Tapp via Flickr Cardone the Magician is the photo subject.