No matter what the medium or the format, we’ll work hard to make sure your digital video is working for you!

We offer a full range of services in the video space and can work within a wide range of budgets and can deliver content for your site, content focused on video sharing sites such as YouTube as well as content for television. Additionally, Gadarian Digital has experience working with live action as well as animated content. 

We place tremendous value in video, and in utilizing video to help tell and sell a story while allowing a brand to effectively present itself to its audience. In addition we have worked with a large range of budgets from the small (under 2K) to the very big (David Gadarian has produced a few pilots for prime time television…), and can utilize both existing relationships as well as our own experience to make sure that the message you deliver will be on message, on target and on budget.

We also offer an elevated service focused on larger brands, where we will look to utilize traditional Hollywood storytelling while also incorporating a digital production philosophy. In doing so we can deliver a brand a highly targeted organic video experience that will be will appeal to your target audience on a creative level while also highlighting the value of your brand.

In the television space David Gadarian served as an Executive Producer for “Commuter Confidential“, the inaugural branded entertainment micro-series the TBS put on the air, sponsored by Revlon and (link to video here). Gadarian has also produced pilots/presentation for a variety of buyers including TBS, The CW, MySpace and The WB. Gadarian has also developed scripted television projects for buyers including CBS, NBC, The WB, TNT and Comedy Central. In terms of digital production, Gadarian has produced for MySpace, and has also put together deals with a variety of other online players.

This collective experience has provided Gadarian with great versatility in the video space both in terms of creative and also with regard to the practical realities of production. Based on your budget, no matter what your goals, no matter what your message, Gadarian Digital can provide and deliver on a comprehensive video plan, helping you to deliver your message to your audience.

Whether you need to bring us in to oversee an upcoming video project and you require a “soup to nuts” level of service, we can help get you there.