Twitter_OneADayThis year we are very happy to announce that we are bringing back a feature we introduced in 2011 (has it been that long!) – the Twitter One A Day List 2014 Edition.

Throughout the course of the year we will be adding new Twitter accounts to the list and we’ll be building out each week with a specific “Theme”. For our first week we are focused on thought leaders in the online marketing space. We purposefully picked a few “celebrity” marketers as well as some folks that we just think are really great.

Week 1 List:

We are also going to use the hashtag #OneADay2014 to track this list.  So it promises to be a fun year.  We’ll do our best to monitor the list regularly and to share our own observations along the way.  Of course if you have suggestions for potential upcoming “Themes” we’d love to hear it.  A few we are playing with include cartoonists, skip tracers, liberal athletes, technologies, data scientists, big brands and you get the idea…

Happy 2014 everyone!