One of the things we are doing over here at Gadarian Digital in 2011 is launching a new list on Twitter – OneADay 2011.

We are going to add one new person or business to this list each day of 2011. In case you are wondering, they won’t all be marketing, they won’t all be digital (although likely a good deal of them will be!) but they will all be very interesting (at least to us). Hopefully along the way we’ll all make some friends and even be exposed to some people that maybe otherwise we might have missed.

The 2011 Gadarian Digital One a Day List begins. Happy 2011.!/list/davidgadarian/oneaday2011 @ScottMontyless than a minute ago via web

Our first person on the list is Scott Monty. If you Google the phrase “Social Media MarketingScott’s blog shows up as the first marketer (Wikipedia gets the top listing as of this posting) so he’s a pretty big deal. He also is the head of social media for Ford Motors.

I am going to share something else with all of you, a lesson of sorts. I don’t know Scott. Maybe one day we’ll meet but I will say this guy is for real. In the time between my first addition to this list and me actually posting here on the blog Scott has already written back on Twitter. I guess both Google and Ford know a few things! Thanks Scott – very generous of you.

@davidgadarian David, I’m honored to be the first on your list. Thank you.!/list/davidgadarian/oneaday2011less than a minute ago via web

So again here is a link to the list:!/list/davidgadarian/oneaday2011. I’ll on occasion blog about it here on the site, but if you want to follow the list on Twitter, go ahead and do so – I think it will be a fun one to keep track of. If you want to make suggestions I’m happy to listen.

Wishing everyone well for 2011 – let’s hope it is a really strong year for all of us.