Yesterday Twitter made a big announcement that they were releasing a number of new features. The biggest feature revolved around the ability to add both videos and pictures to your timeline – pretty neat stuff.

They are also out with unlimited scrolling (not sure if this applies to your feeds only or also your followers/following lists) but no more “MORE” button over there.

They also produced a video outlining all the new features -The first 60 seconds really feel like they made a tribute to themselves (don’t worry Twitter, I still like you) but the second half outlines the new features, and I have to say they look pretty awesome.

Looking forward to seeing how their big competitors respond to this, but I do think these features will greatly enhance the experience on Twitter, provided of course Twitter is able to keep the site working.

I’ll make a prediction – next big feature on Twitter will be “voice” – think about how interesting it will be if people can start to leave easy VT’s (Voice Tweets), along with RVT’s… Twitter, if you haven’t already thought of this one, then go ahead and use it…