So…. We are currently running a very quick Father’s Day Contest on our Facebook Page. As this is our FIRST Facebook contest we wanted to keep things fairly simple in terms of how to play.

Here is a quick video that I produced to help introduce the contest:

Simply answer the question “Why My Dad Should Win” and you can go from there. The full rules are on the Facebook Page in case you are interested.

The prize is a one hour one-on-one digital consultation with me, David Gadarian and we’ll talk about whatever Dad wants.

When putting together the contest we have a few goals in mind, and I will be posting a video screen grab of the mind map I put together for this which I think you’ll all enjoy – but a big goal was a basic one, and one that seems to trip up too many people – that of course being being able to follow through and actually get the contest off the ground, so in that regard it was a huge success.

Some other performance metrics still need some work, but again, if you are looking for a great Father’s Day Gift, I’d like to think this would be a good one. And even if you’re not, you should probably head over to the Facebook Contest Page we put together if only to see how it all works.