the digital soup

There are a number of factors running across every digital activity.   Some factors are favorable (tailwinds), others are hostile (headwinds).  And some factors are simply chaotic realities that are a natural part of all things digital (cross winds).  These competing and complementary factors are the “digital soup.”

Sometimes soup is delicious.  Other times it can be a hot mess.

If you are not careful the soup can burn you.

The soup is always there.  You know it.  And so does everyone else.  The soup has become something of office parlor game.  And every office seems to play it.

Part of what makes digital so tricky is that as just as it is with soup, there are so many factors that can influence the outcome.  And often times you might conduct the same sequence of activities and yet you’ll still find different outcomes.  And of course the more you look, the more answers you might find.

Your ability to appreciate the complexity, and the fluid nature of all things digital, your ability to navigate ambiguity and perhaps most importantly being able to stay the course despite the persistent opacity often times is the difference between digital success, and something lesser.

Now that you know that the digital soup is real, and it is present, what you do next is yours to decide.

Photo by Alex Hu on Unsplash