One of our firms’ best assets is knowing “things.” Considering we are a digital marketing company, that should not come as a surprise – if we don’t know “things” we don’t really provide any value. In fact every week some of the calendar is dedicated to ongoing learning. Some of that learning takes place in the form of reading blog posts (just a quick heads up – we plan on putting up a big list of our favorites soon), some learning is focused on taking the time to read various white papers, videos and webinars and yes we still go old school and actually read books!

In any event, it is still early days on this project for Gadarian Digital but the reason to share it now is mainly to give those of you looking for some alternative ideas an inside look at how we are going about putting this particular wrinkle of our business together. Learn from our mistakes, and yes we will be sharing them…

So with all that backdrop in mind, we are excited to share with you are early effort in introducing the Gadarian Digital Marketing Bookstore where we are going to begin to feature books that we feel can add real value to your own digital efforts.

The idea is we want to provide our readers with some added value and to give our readers some insider endorsements. Starting out is hard and perhaps by referencing our book list it might just be a bit easier.

In any event the bookstore is literally as of this post only minutes old and the main reason to even talk about it at this stage is less about the bookstore and more about the process of putting it together. (Once we advance the bookstore to a point we are satisfied with we’ll move it into our websites navigation bar, but for now you can only find it through this post…)

The Amazon Associates LogoSo how did we do it? The answer was we did it through Amazon’s affiliate program. What is amazing is this store took about a half hour to set up (and I think that was largely because I knew in the back of my mind that I would also be writing this post). How amazing is that. Go ahead and take a look at the very early launch of the Gadarian Digital Marketing Bookstore and see for yourself – it’s pretty impressive stuff. Don’t worry – I’m not bragging as yes, Amazon did most of the heavy lifting on this.

What I am super excited about really is being able to share some more great material with my readers.

That said if I can share some material with my reader and also get an added financial benefit that even better – the result is we’ll do an even better job with the bookstore… And just in case you are wondering, after Amazon sites, when you Google “Amazon Assocaties” this guy’s site comes up 11 Lessons I Learned Earning $119,725.45 from Amazon Associates Program – and up top when I alluded to our upcoming list of must visit websites you can be pretty sure that ProBlogger will be mentioned….

Over time we’ll occasionally check in specifically regarding the progress of the bookstore but for now we are very excited to be getting it off the ground. Once again the immense power of the web and some of the people providing services on the internet has us both amazed and deeply humbled. Impressive stuff @amazon