New LogoHey Ho! We just launched our new website (12/3/13 @ 9:45 PM EST!)

Much more to come in terms of updates and in-depth behind the scenes thinking. I fully intend to get into many of the details and thinking behind this most recent site redesign our 5th in five years. I also intend to employ a rapid iteration process with this most recent version of the site (I’ll be blogging about that as well.)

Meanwhile I’m interested in hearing what you think!

From now through December 21, 2013 I will be soliciting feedback from friends, family, site visitors and anyone who is kind enough to share their thoughts. I am also running a sweepstakes with the idea that if I’m going to solicit feedback I should be willing to give it as well – with that in mind I will randomly select 3 people who fill out the survey to win a 1 hour Coffee Consultation.

New Site Survery

Visitor Survey of New Site
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    Footer (The Bottom
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