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Tips for Promoting Your Company on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn LogoWhen it comes to social networks, the “big three” that have consistently maintained popularity and importance are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Facebook and Twitter are social networks for anyone to communicate with anyone else. LinkedIn is a bit more specific; it’s a professional network used primarily by business people and employers.For something with such a clear niche, it’s really a testament to its value that LinkedIn is considered to be on the same level as Facebook and Twitter. Because it is different, the same tactics that work for promoting your company on Facebook and Twitter don’t always apply to marketing on LinkedIn. Here are some tips for promoting your company on LinkedIn.

Using Bing for Social Media Monitoring

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While I know that Google tends to get the bulk of mindshare when it comes to search, here is a little power tip to help you with your social media can I say other than it is pretty impressive in terms of how well Bing does for both Facebook and Twitter.

Social Media and Doctors: A Few Lessons From Hospitals

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While every business has their own specific needs, thought processes and norms, medicine in particular is interesting due to the sensitive and intimate nature of the services doctors and other health care providers deliver. Given the close proximity to patients there are a number of moral, ethical and legal boundaries that are very specific to this industry.It's also been very interesting to see the worlds of medicine and social media converge. In particular I have noticed an emerging trend among the larger, more clearly defined medical institutions in terms of their efforts to "get in front of" social media on a corporate level...