Googelize Me in 2012

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Sounds funny to hear so much talk about a multi-billion dollar company such as Google struggling to achieve but I can say that for this little digital marketing firm, Google

Google+ Now Available to Google Apps Users!

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Google Apps LogoIf you are using Google Apps, and you read this blog, Google+, Google's most recent social media effort, is probably something that you are either interested in or are already active on.Unfortunately up until today it was not possible to use Google+ while also using Google Apps. For many this was a really big obstacle in terms of usage of Google+.As of today Google has fixed this main issue - now Google Apps users can in fact sign up for Google+ under the same account

WDYL (What Do You Love) from Google Mini Review

By |2013-01-05T21:56:46-04:00July 20, 2011|

Hidden among all those great nuggets from "the Summer of Google" has been this new service that I found by accident, and I can't even get back to called "What do you love?" which I guess can best be desribed as a search engine mahsup. It really is one of those things that you have to see to understand but this is a highly visual approach to search. What do you love? from Google

Google Adds Search by Voice

By |2013-01-05T21:29:59-04:00June 21, 2011|

Google has been on a bit of a roll with their home page of late including my favorite all time Google Doodle, but today I noticed a really big one!It appears that Google has rolled out a new search by voice feature on their main search. Take a look at the attached screengrab from earlier today. While the summer Doodge was fun, almost lost in all the color was the headline - that little tiny microphone icon laid into the search bar.

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