This presentation was created by Dave McClure – I don’t know him, but he’s a big deal in the world of venture capital. Now most of you probably think of venture capital as a great thing to read about in Fast Company, and that’s fine, but a big part of what Dave and his colleagues also do is help the companies they invest in make better decisions.

And better decisions are what we are interested in today. I recently saw this Slideshare presentation focused on marketing metrics and I think it is worth sharing – Dave has developed a very digestible presentation to help explain how to measure and optimize your websites with a focus on actual business. While your individual circumstances are of course unique (at one point Dave says “I don’t know Jack about your business!”) I do believe there are some really nice takeaways here and even more so it is great for business owners to have insights into how really smart people that invest in technology driven companies see the universe.

Why the Pirate version?

  • A for Acquistion
  • A for Activation
  • R for Retention
  • R for Referral
  • R for Revenue

Spell it out and you’re at AARRR. I can’t think of another pirate that could say it better…. And a nice hat tip Will Critchlow and his post on the SEOMoz blog for introducing this Slideshare to me!