Bring in David Gadarian to speak to your group, event or your business about digital marketing and related items such as social media marketing, digital strategy, online tactics. These public speaking events are highly engaging and can be very participatory as well.

With so much happening in the digital space you can’t afford to be left behind.

I have a number of 60 minute speeches that have managed to both inspire and also encourage audiences in the past including the following:

  • “Your Digital Road Map: Charting An Online Path for Your Business”
  • “Social Media Marketing for Business”
  • “Social Media Business Profile Development”
  • “Social Media and Online Strategy for Doctors”

Public Speaking Plus!

In addition, with notice I can prepare a talk tailored to your group or organization, with a heavy emphasis on specific examples based on your business needs.  Should extended leave behinds be required, with advance notice that too can be provided.

Should you want to take things even further and engage in a workshop format, again, with notice we can arrange a program specific to your needs meant to empower all participants to be more digitally empowered.


I am based in the Greater Boston Area, but travel is always an option.  Please inquire directly for speaking rates.

I look forward to connecting with you soon, and thanks in advance for your interest.

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