This is a neat graphic provided by Jason Falls that outlines where businesses and people are with regard to social media. Personally, I see a few great takeaways here, and as usual it really comes down to seeing things however you would like to.

I love this notion of “teach rather than preach” which they discuss in the commentary of their post.

For me, I’ll give you a little extra right now in terms of reading this graphic with rose colored lenses:

  • 31% of Americans have smart phones. Holy Crap! Only 10 years ago that number was 0% – there is a great opportunity here both today and tomorrow.
  • 52% of Americans have social media profiles. That is a lot of social opportunity – even if you can tap into a small fraction of that, there is a real value here.
  • Only 19% of businesses update their website on a weekly basis means that you have a great opportunity to exceed 81% of your competitors assuming they too follow the result of this stat. Start blogging Now!

Bridge The Gap – Learn Social Media at Exploring Social Media

I’m a bit of a sucker for these types of graphics because I think they are a ton of fun to read, when done right they look great, and because I appreciate the efforts of the authors in putting together pieces like this. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even put together a few of my own… Meanwhile enjoy this one.

Parting tip – life seems to work better when the glass is half full!