Sesame Street has been on quite a social media roll this year! The show for toddlers is getting a ton of digital press in large part as a result of making a number of videos that have managed to go viral.

The most recent was something I caught on Mashable where Cookie Monster is attempting to land a hosting gig on SNL.

Somebody even went one step further and created a small Cookie Monster on SNL website. I’m not sure if this was fan driven or done by the people at Sesame Street but the idea is very fun.

Sesame Street also made some noise this year with this video about the iPogo stick!

Not to mention the “Banned from TV” spot with Kate Perry which has aggregated north of 10,000,000 views.

Sesame Street is “41” this year – and it’s great to see how they are embracing the social space. Hopefully at minimum the above videos will give you some laughs, but beyond that some social media inspiration. While we all don’t have the reach of a brand like Sesame Street, we can all certainly look for ways to innovate our own spaces and to integrate social media into our plans.