We weigh a variety of factors when determining our pricing on each project including client needs, client expectations, hard deliverables, timetables, how formal final outputs need to be and overall scope of each project.

When we move forward with a new engagement we tend to focus on project based billing where benchmarks and time lines are clearly articulated and with mutual agreement between us and our clients with regard to the parameters of a project.

We also operate on a monthly retainer basis for clients that utilize our expertise on an ongoing basis. One of the benefits of a retainer arrangement is that we dedicate time on our calendar devoted exclusively to that engagement. In addition, with our retainer clients we develop a working history with them and more specifically with their digital efforts that over times provides all parties with added benefits.

In terms of addressing overages, should a project grow outside of whatever the scope of the initial commitment was Gadarian Digital will always go to the client well in advance and together, mutually, we determine whatever additional steps are needed.

We strive to make our pricing structure transparent; our hope is that by doing so we set the right tone from the very beginning that both we and our client partners can continue to build from as our work relationship grows and evolves.

Our retainer services start at $2,000.00 per month.

Generally we do not provide an hourly rate but on occasion we will accept a project based on an hourly payment schedule.  Please contact us directly to obtain an hourly rate.  Generally these services tend to focus on very specific project engagements and digital coaching efforts.

Should you have any questions about our pricing policy feel free to contact us.