Curious about how the 2012 candidates handling their digital efforts?

The election is in full swing – both parties are getting ready to hold their respective conventions and we thought now was a great time to take a look at how each side is using the digital space to help “market.”

12 Democrat 2012 Election Digital Tactics

12 Republicans 2012 Digital Tactics

It was really interesting to see how both sides are approaching online.  It was also extremely educational – both sides are utilizing some very interesting digital tactics and in many cases are both employing a wide array of “best” practices throughout.

President Obama in particular really stepped in and defined this entire space of how a national candidate can leverage digital for communication, and in some ways Romney and the Republicans have caught up, but in other areas it does seem that Team Obama still continues to define what the forefront is.

So feel free to take a look at both posts, and more importantly to look at how each candidate is interacting online and to see if there are some aspects that you might want to introduce to your own efforts.