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Is Your Online Research Yielding Results?

If you don’t know you are missing something, how do you know you need it? Research! For the business that intends to succeed online research is not an option. Bring us in to help!

At Gadarian Digital one of our core strengths is not only gathering critical information from which to make crucial business decisions, but also going that next step and providing the analysis of what this information might mean along with recommendations about how best to utilize the findings from our online research. Based on our experience and insights we can provide your business with both a quantitative and qualitative edge.

While often times we are engaged to conduct research at the beginning of a process, particularly out the outset of a web building project, ongoing research is critical if your business is going to stay ahead of your competition.

Onsite Research

A critical area of research is focused on what is actually happening on your site, where your traffic is coming from, your visitors onsite behavior and ultimately which online activities are yielding the best return for your business.  We know how critical these functions are and we are very pleased to share with you that David Gadarian has passed the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam.

Social Media Research

We also provide social media audit where we conduct a thorough review of not only the clients’ current operations, but also a thorough review of their competitors (both direct and non-direct). We go beyond the websites’ and research how the client (and their competitors) are performing in the social media space, how their target audience is responding to the messaging and as required we can even try to isolate key “long tail” players within their respective space with whom the client can potentially message to and compete against.

For other clients we limit the scope of our online research activities and conduct a review that will still yield a considerable amount of actionable insights but will stay more focused on web properties either on a local, regional or even based on a product vertical which provides a great return.

Research That Can Move Your Business

The bottom line is research is a critical aspect of every business.  With great research great business decisions can be made.  Factors such as time to market, the ability to analyze and even the capacity to hypothesis all have a role when it comes to research.  Here at Gadarian Digital we take online research extremely seriously and we know that our clients expect nothing less.