I recently came across this article from Wildefire which I am now sharing with you:

6 Clever Tricks to Double the Effectiveness of Your Fan Page Status Updates!

There are some really strong suggestions in the article regarding how best to maximize your Facebook posting, and particularly if you are just starting out and you have a limited reach, you want to make sure you are getting the most from each status update.

I’ll give you one bonus tip as well (just make sure you don’t abuse this one!) – when you have a really nice status update that you run through your business page sometimes it’s helpful to also share that update on your personal page as not everyone you know on a personal basis is a fan of your business – again just make sure not to abuse this as your personal connections might get annoyed with you.

On my end over the next few weeks I’ll be testing out a number of these suggestions, starting with how I post this very article on Facebook. The point being that just because an article tells you something, you’ll still want to test it to make sure you are heading down the right path for your own business.

Also, if you are going to be running a contest in the near terms Wildfire is certainly a technology company you might want to consider bringing in. Here is snippet of how they describe themselves:

allows corporations, small businesses, marketing agencies, bloggers and non-profits to easily create their own attractive, branded interactive campaigns (e.g. sweepstakes, contests, give-aways, incentive-based surveys etc) and to simultaneously publish them in multiple social networks and on their website

If you have any other methods that you’ve found to be effective or if perhaps you have a question about a method please share your thoughts below in the comments area. Thanks!

Update: Wildfire has now been purchased by Google, and of late they seem to be more focused on larger businesses.