We are very pleased to announce that we recently launched a new WordPress auto mechanic website for Countryside Service Center.

For this site we took worked very closely with the owner to get a sense of how not only we’d like to site to look, but even more so how we’d like the site to work on a long term basis. We are also very proud to say that we built the entire website in-house and we also wrote a great deal of original copy for the site.

WordPress Auto Mechanic Site

Under the Hood:

We’re always kicking the tires (no more car puns – I promise!) for new ideas and new approaches and this site gave us some really nice opportunities to explore a few different items. I built the site using WordPress and the Headway Theme. For this site I built a custom child theme and I have to say I had great deal of fun putting it all together.

Our Ongoing Strategy:

For the site, the owner wanted to be able to better convey their deep experience and their willingness to really go the extra mile for their customers. So one area we new we needed to showcase was their actual customers – which we did by adding a rich testimonial block to the home page.

We also built in a pretty light weight way to add coupons and specials as needed. Over time we’ll explore this further but for now we have a good launching pad to begin with.

We are also going to introduce a blog for Countryside Service Center – this should provide the owner and his team with a nice outlet to further talk about the passion they have for what they do.

What’s Left:

There are still some areas we’ll be developing over time, but a big area that we’ll see some improvement on shortly is “who are these guys” and to that end I’ve been promised so more real photos of the Countryside Service Center team over the next few weeks.

Overall this was a very fun project to work on. And while we won’t service a direct competitor (another Holliston, MA auto mechanic) we certainly would be interested in talking with you if you are looking to build a new WordPress auto mechanic website and are also interested in maintaining an ongoing relationship we Gadarian Digital. Bring us in to handle the digital identity management for your auto mechanic or auto body shop and leave you to continue doing the amazing work that you do directly servicing your clients.

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