Logo_Dassault_SystemesI am pleased to share with everyone that I recently accepted a position as the new Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager – North America for Dassault Systèmes (more on this below).

What Next for Gadarian Digital?

The material impact for Gadarian Digital is that my company ceases to exist.  I’ve been extremely fortunate in that through my work here at Gadarian Digital I have been afforded so many wonderful opportunities to work with and to be inspired by so many people, both clients and colleagues and I look forward to maintaining many of these relationships for years to come.  That said, this was not an easy decision – but after 5 plus years of running my own company I felt confident that I was ready to begin to embrace new challenges.

What Next for My Blog?

Consultants BloggingAs far as the Gadarian Digital blog, I will maintain it, but it will also be undergoing a bit of an editorial shift as I will now be focused much more on enterprise brand marketing efforts – how that will be translating into my personal blog remains to be seen, but I can assure you that I will continue to be tightly focused, to explore (and to share) complex ideas and most importantly I intend to continue to use my blog as a platform from which I can really push new ideas that I find to be particularly challenging and also worthy of deeper consideration.

A Little Bit About What’s Next for Me!

In terms of where I’m heading next, Dassault Systèmes is an amazing company that provides outstanding software solutions that enrich and enhance the entire product life cycle.  Said differently, we help people make and model amazing things (like jet airplanes, automobiles, buildings, bionic legs and more recently a whole slew of life science applications.)

This recent video I think is a great encapsulation of the company as it stands today:

With over 12,000 employees, 12 distinct brands, 12 specific targeted industries and $2.8B in annual revenue, the shift from my company into this amazing universe promises to be fun, challenging, illuminating and inspiring.  Having spent just over a month here at Dassault Systèmes I have found the atmosphere to be great, the people to be extremely generous and the work I’ve been tasked with to be very emotionally rewarding.

Humbly Yours

To all my former clients, and to everyone who provided me with a series of lifts along my journey I thank you.  This next leg in my digital travels promises to be extremely interesting, and it was only made possible through the work that proceeded it.