Okay… sometimes form is a big factor. Specifically I’m talking about a good workspace. While I don’t ordinarily post about anything remotely close to this, I work out of my home office, and the people who have visited my space consistently seem to appreciate my standing desk, so I wanted to share a little bit about it.

Standing Desk

Where I Bought My Standing Desk

First, I know you can spend way more than I did on my desk, but before I did that I wanted to make sure a standing desk was a good idea for me. As it turns out not only was it a good idea, but I also seem to have found a great solution that is also very cost effective.

I bought my desk at Ikea, and in fact it’s not even a desk – it’s a garage shelf! But it works great – I have a solid standing desk, a space for my printer that is tucked away, and a shelf for my monkey lamps to keep an eye on me!

The specific shelving unit I picked up is called The Broder System with the “T” legs. What is so great about this system is I was able to buy various shelves of different sizes, so my desk is the biggest, and the other shelves were smaller. All told it took me about an hour to put it together and about 2 hours to figure out what I needed in Ikea, but I’ve now spared you a bit of the Ikea pain only because you won’t have to waste your time in the “office” area – instead you can head straight to storage/garage area and you should be all set.

Some Minor Bells and Whistles To Consider

In addition I did pick up a mat to stand on to help with my feet, but I also ended up buying a drafting stool so that I have the option of either standing or sitting – I’d like to say that I can stand for 10 hours a day but… sometimes, like when I’m writing, I like to sit down. When I’m on the phone I stand. When I’m thinking I’ll move the chair out of the way and be able to pace while also still being able to quickly punch keys into my computer.

As I was looking to set up my standing desk I saw quite a few posts, with quite a few suggestions of how to make one, or which one to buy. There looked like some really great options, but in the end I’m really happy with the decision to move to a standing desk, and I’m happy that it also ending up being a really affordable decision (all in I think I landed under $250 for the desk, chair and the mat…)