Still looking for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? Sure, Mom likes flowers, spa days and coffee mugs with the grandkids’ photos – but maybe this year it’s time to surprise her.

Today’s mom is there for her family, like she’s always been. But she’s also networking, planning, earning and creating. She’s doing business – for her family, and for herself.

Mom’s role has evolved and changed – isn’t it time your Mother’s Day gift caught up with the times?

This unique Mother’s Day gift of a Coffee Consultation will make mom sing! Hourly digital marketing sessions where your mom can use the time to maximize her online presence, however she wants.

Sometimes being able to spend even an hour with a field expert can be the difference between getting by and really excelling. In digital marketing this is particularly true as this space is continually changing.

Being able to spend even one hour with a field expert could make the difference between just getting by, and really excelling. This is particularly true in the digital space, as it is constantly shifting and changing. Whether Mom is a business owner, employee or professional homemaker, this gift will be a valuable service for her – whatever her digital goals might be:

  • Overall Digital Marketing? Absolutely – its our specialty!
  • Linked In for Lead Generation? Yes!
  • Facebook for Small Business? Yes!
  • Blogging Strategy? Yes!
  • Online Video Creation and Delivery? Yes!
  • How to Tell Her Digital Story? Yes!

Surprise Mom with a unique opportunity to learn something new and stand out. A 1 Hour Coffee Consultation with David Gadarian from Gadarian Digital.

Our No Risk Money Back Guarantee?

I want both you and your mom to be happy. Mother’s Day is special, and if you are going to go out of the box, you want to feel good about your gift.

If your mom is not totally satisfied with her Coffee Consultation, I’ll provide you with a full refund. What do you have to lose? Drop dead simple.

How Much Does This Cost?

Less than a spa day but more than a box of chocolates!

per hour
  • What? Hourly Digital Marketing Advice.
  • Where? In person of virtually depending on if your are local.
For Mom
per hour
Mother’s Day Special
  • She’s going to love it! If she doesn’t we’ll refund your money.

    Why? Because mom will love it!

  • What? Whatever mom wants to talk about.

What: An hourly consultation focused on helping you with your digital marketing needs and answering your questions.

Why: Digital marketing is constantly changing. Sometimes sitting down with an expert really can make a big difference.

Where: Either in person or on the phone. Dialogue is mandatory. Coffee is optional.

Who For:Coffee Consultations are geared towards business owners and organizational stakeholders looking to find more clarity in their digital marketing efforts. This unique Mother’s Day Gift will leave mom smiling from ear to ear.

How Much:$125/hour. $100/hour with this Mother’s Day Special. All payments are due either before a session or, if in person, payable at the time of meeting.

If you act fast I can email you a nice certificate that you can print out and give to your mom on HER day.

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form to the right and lets get started!


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