I’m very excited to announce the launch of the MetroWest Marketing Group MeetUp. For marketers. By marketers.

The first event is taking place on Tuesday, June 18 from 7:00 – 9:00 PM at John Harvards, located at 1 Worcester Road in Framingham, MA. Entry is free but you are responsible for covering your own food and beverage.

What is the MetroWest Marketing Group?

As the group is just getting off the ground, it will take some time to come together into something more coherent, but the early goal is to provide marketers of all stripes with a great opportunity to get together and to talk about what we do. Whether you are an independent contractor, you work at a marketing agency or you work inside of a larger business with your focus on marketing, this should evolve into a very rich opportunity to meet other marketer and to talk about all kinds of marketing efforts.

If this is anything my hope it is a great opportunity to share common experiences and to use those experiences to create great relationships – both personal and business.

Who Is A Marketer?

For the purposes of this group a marketer is defined as anyone who is engaged in the practice of marketing in some capacity. And don’t worry if you’r job title doesn’t exactly fit any of the below descriptions, but some examples might be…

  • Web Developers
  • Copy Writers
  • SEO’s
  • Marketing Consultants (online and otherwise)
  • Press Agents
  • Designers
  • Print Specialists
  • Video Professionals
  • Advertising Professionals in All Spaces
  • Social Media Professionals
  • Marketing Executives

If I’m Not A Marketer Can I Come

This is a great question. While we’re not vetting credentials when you register for the group, truthfully if you are not a marketer this is probably not a great group for you.

What If I’m Interested In Becoming A Marketer? Can I Come?

Absolutely. As we grow this group should be a great resource to get you started, and perhaps as we grow we’ll even create a mentor program of some kind!

What If I’m Looking for A Marketer? Should I Come?

Sit tight. We’ll eventually roll in open mixers specifically for you to meet (and possibly hire) marketers. For now though the truthful answer is it probably will not be a great use of your time to come. As the group grows we’ll put together a more formal policy to address this, but the primary function for most of the meetings will be focused on marketers talking with other marketers about marketing.

Where is the MetroWest Marketing Group Heading?

Hard to know, but we’ll see how the group comes together. Eventually we might roll in more structured events such as guest speakers. Perhaps we’ll even open up an online resource library. Maybe we’ll even find some sponsors.

We’ll also probably introduce themes to some events. Another great goal is to eventually take on collective side projects likely in the not-for-profit space that various members contribute to on a completely voluntary basis.

A goal is to eventually provide opportunities for non-members to meet our members. Also eventually we might roll in something like a barter/fees board so that members can post opportunities to either work on client work or to barter services with other members of the group.

Another goal is to eventually feature special offers for our members.

In terms of a physical location, while it is still pretty open, the thought is to move around the MetroWest rather than to always meet at the same place. It will be a nice opportunity to explore our community, to discover new locations and it should be fun.

So… away we go. If the widget at the top isn’t working for any reason… here is a link to The MetroWest Marketing Groups Inaugural MeetUp. See you on the inside.