I know… Inforgraphics are really heating up right now. If you are trying to stay ahead of or even near the front of the curve by now you are well aware of Infographics – these super powerful visuals displays. In addition to be visually very impressive, some sites also offer up the ability to embed their infographics on your own site – a win/win situation as you get some great content and the infographic originator gets amazing exposure and also some great inbound SEO value.

One service that is really trying to make a business out of infographics is a company called Visual.ly. They currently offer up a pretty massive library of inforgraphics that you can both view and also embed on to your own site – if you are still not aware of what an infographic is I strongly suggest you spend a few minutes on their site. In addition Visual.ly is rolling out a do it yourself feature allowing users to create infographics of their own. For now though they are offering up a few already “Pre-Baked” inforgraphic templates that you can have some real fun with (including this @Techcruch vs @Mashable Twitter Showdown inforgraphic that I created using their service and embedded below).

That said maybe you don’t want to wait until Visual.ly unveils their fully rendered offering, do not fret as there are plenty of very talented graphic artists currently in this space offering services. If you are one of them feel free to add a comment below introducing yourself. Also go ahead and Google infographics and you’ll see some really impressive designers.

infographic created with visual.ly