GoogleSounds funny to hear so much talk about a multi-billion dollar company such as Google struggling to achieve but I can say that for this little digital marketing firm, Google is going to play a much bigger role in what we do for 2012.

In 2011 we integrated Google Apps into our mix which has been a really nice addition to our workflow.

In addition we are going to become much more active with search this year.

With search of course comes Google Analytics – another area we plan to come way up on.

YouTube is also going to have a much larger role and one of our big pushes is going to be focused on screencasting tutorials.

We have been active with social for a few years now (considering this is one of our prime services that is not a surprise) and Google+ in particular is going to have a larger role in what we do. In fact this post by Social Media Examiner on using Google+ to advance search results motivated me to get moving on linking the authorship of my personal posts with my personal Google profile.

Here I am…

Beyond all that I do think Google is just getting started. In particular with a looming Facebook IPO, I expect some major announcements to come out regarding the the use and functionality of business pages within Google+. By the way, if you are interested, feel free to check out the Google+ Business Page for Gadarian Digital.

And another thing… I’d strongly suggest you take a look at Google Voice as well – they have some great features including my favorite which getting transcribed emails with my incoming voice messages.

And yes, the Android is pretty great. While I know there are some real serious iPhone users out there, I do know that this Android user is very happy.

As the year progresses I’ll follow up on this post on occasion to let you know what Gadarian Digital is doing vis-a-vis Google.