In part of an ongoing series, the Boston WordPress Group has been running a series of “WordPress Theme Bake-Offs.” The purpose has been less about finding a winning theme and instead is focused on giving the entire group an opportunity to hear more about these themes as the members determine what might make the most sense for each of them.

Bake-Off #2 featured the following themes:

In addition, I should also mention that the Boston WordPress Group was kind enough to invite me to run another of the demos – this time I did the demo for the Genesis Theme, with a focus on the Corporate Child Themes that Studio Press donated.  Feel free to take a look at the website I built out using the Corporate Child  Theme, which as I mentioned in the demo came together rather nicely, and that is without building in anything extra. (Note, at some point Boston WP might take this demo down…)

The makeup of Round 2 was a little less structured and took on a bit of a free form approach which meant that each person running their respective demo was focused on different aspects of the various themes. I’d also say that everyone was very impressed, although there was a bit of concern mentioned about the manner in which PageLines renders the single posts (watch Kurt’s demo to hear all about it.). In terms of Genesis, I have to say I walked away quite impressed, and I’d say that James was equally impressed with how the Hybrid Framework operated, although as he said the Hybrid Framework in particular is great for the flexibility although if you don’t posses a strong enough background in WordPress from what I observed it might be a challenge to get up to speed.

So…. here is the video.

Also, don’t forget to take a look at my post on WordPress Theme Bake-Off 1.0 where we ran a comparison of Thesis, Headway (demoed by me) and Suffusion.

To view the post on the Boston WordPress site visit this link BWPM: Framework Bake-Off Part Deux.