Nimble Solutions PartnerWhen it comes to the “digital space” there are many choices a business owner has to make. Each of these choices requires an action – even if the action is simply to do nothing. How to build your website, what to do with social media and how to plan out an effective digital strategy are all elements that our digital planning company deals with on a daily basis.

But there are other elements that business owners have to address as well, and we have seen that many of our clients are increasingly looking to Gadarian Digital for effective solutions. Key among these are managing the inbox and even more so managing leads.

We are thrilled that Gadarian Digital has become an official solutions partner with Nimble, a new social CRM solution that can integrate the inbox, your calendar, deals, as well as some of the key social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as of right now.)

Nimble is the only solution on the market that integrates the “4 Cs” — contacts, calendar, communications and collaboration — to enable professionals to effectively manage the way they see, hear and connect with their company’s most important asset: their business contacts.

Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder and CEO

For more, feel free to read this press release announcing our partnership.

While there a number of really good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms out there some are a bit overwhelming, others offer too many features – many of which businesses don’t necessarily want and of course some are just too expensive. Others might have a user interface that is awkward and of course some CRM’s simply don’t fit your needs. The truth is some CRM solutions can be great depending on your specific needs, while other CRM solutions are also great but are better at servicing different needs.

In the end we ultimately elected to partner with Nimble for some very specific reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Nimble will do a great job for our clients. If I could not answer this question with confidence then we would not partner with them. The truth is rather than offering a bad solution we would simply be better off not offering a solution at all. We don’t enter relationships like this lightly because we know how much are clients are depending on us.
  2. The founder of this company has done it before. Years back he was a founder of another CRM platform called GoldMine which is still running today. This is important because it tells me this team not only knows how to create a successful product, but they are also very aware of the specific needs of CRM customer.
  3. The product itself. Notice, I put this third rather than first. That is not by accident. Products grow and evolve and Nimble is still young. Great products get better over time. Right now I can say that Nimble does a really good job with some specific tasks, but I can also say with confidence that this product with continue to come way up. In fact just this week they make a major product upgrade with enhanced privacy setting and looking at their development pipeline it does appear that over the next few quarters a number of other advancements will be made. This kind of flexibility is critical in today’s CRM environment where communication tools have a capacity to change so quickly.
  4. Great communicators. This is huge. A big reason that clients choose Gadarian Digital is because beyond our willingness to go the extra mile, we are very focused on our relationships, both with services and with vendor partners. If we choose poorly our clients suffer, but if we make good decisions our clients benefit. Over time that has led Gadarian Digital to develop a set of criteria for how we evaluate products and services. One of those key criteria is how well a company communicates. All the best tools, products and services, particularly those geared towards B2B seem to share a common trait – they are all great communicators. And yes, communication is both an outwardly facing component (they talk and share) but equally critical is an ability to listen. By being good listeners a product is very actively sending a clear message – they value your feedback. Companies that internalize this ethos tend to win. The Nimble Team has proven themselves to be really strong in this area which I think shows promise for their long term viability.
  5. Does it make sense? Ease of use? This is probably the single strongest reason to use Nimble – once you have your console set up it is remarkably easy to use. That means spending less time “figuring things out” and more time focused on your business.
  6. Cost. What does this thing cost?  I believe sometime soon Nimble is going to be enacting a paid version that is targeted towards group users at $10/month/user. That feels like a very sustainable price point that many of my own clients could handle, which again is another big consideration that we evaluated before moving forward with our partnership.

Once again, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Nimble and we look forward to introducing this service to our clients, and also to meeting with new clients as a result of Gadarian Digital being an authorized solutions provider for Nimble. We are also very much looking forward to seeing how our new partner evolves and expands but so far Nimble has remained very true to its’ name.

Should you want to run through a demo or should you have any specific questions regarding Nimble please feel free to reach out to us to schedule a time.